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Robert Griffin III’s Knee Injury

2013 Fantasy Football: Analyzing Robert Griffin III’s Knee Injury

My, how the new fantasy football year starts early. With the news that Washington Redskins star quarterback tore his ACL and LCL, that’s especially true for those fantasy owners who operate out of Keeper and Dynasty leagues.

RG3 has reportedly suffered complete tears to his ACL and LCL ligaments, and is facing a 6-8 month recovery time table. That actually stills puts him at pretty good odds to start the 2013 regular season, but that’s also with the built-in hope that the surgery goes swimmingly and that there are no set-backs.

Then, of course, there is the notion that RG3 as we know him won’t look quite the same. Generally quarterbacks suffering knee injuries isn’t such a huge concern compared to a running back or wide receiver. They have to plant and scramble, but mostly the biggest obstacle is the mental aspect.

Unfortunately, Robert Griffin III isn’t your normal quarterback. In fact, Washington’s entire offense is built around his elite athleticism, and they’ll have to make drastic changes if his knee isn’t up to snuff when next season rolls around.

While there is plenty of reason to be concerned about RG3′s immediate future, there is also a lot of room for optimism. After all, RG3 suffered a torn ACL at Baylor back in 2009, and returned the next year to crush the competition. He’s been here and got back from it and was at an elite level despite it. That makes us think he can do it again.

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Despite the positive thinking, this has to be regarded as a devastating blow to RG’s NFL and fantasy football value, and owners can’t be pleased with it. There is major risk here in the fact that there’s a chance he may not be ready to start 2013, while there is always the possibility of either set-backs setting his return date back even further, lingering affects contributing to a shaky second season, or even flat-out re-injury.

One thing is for sure: RG3 never looked like himself when he tried playing with sprained knee ligaments. It’s worth wondering what he’ll look like and how effective he’ll be after tearing his knee up for a second time.

Ultimately, with surgery and rehab, I think Robert Griffin III will be fine. Dynasty owners will feel the need to panic and make a trade, but they’ll only be prisoners of the moment and in the end will lose one of the best talents in the league.

For regular re-draft owners, this could actually be a blessing in disguise. Considering we probably won’t know RG3′s full status until preseason, if not closer to the beginning of the new year, he could slip considerably in fantasy drafts and become a major value pick. Considering RG3 was a lock to be in the top three rounds prior to this injury, you could be looking at a real steal come 2013.

But for now, let’s do it the RG3 way and read and react. It’s a long off-season, after all.


Arizona Cardinals Still Excited About Ryan Williams

It’s been two years of injuries and disappointment, yet the Arizona Cardinals just can’t rid themselves of the love they have for running back Ryan Williams. In fact, according to the Cardinals team blog, Arizona is still very high on his prospects, and that includes new head coach, Bruce Arians.

“Ryan (Williams) has to stay healthy,” said Bruce Arians. “I actually ran the (Virginia Tech) Pro Day there when all those guys came out and he was a fantastic athlete. He has to get healthy and we’ll see how he fits. But as a running back, he’s got what it takes.”

Arians isn’t noticing or saying anything that is all that surprising. Williams was a freak coming out of Virginia Tech, and had it not been for a devastating knee injury before he ever played a snap in a regular season game in his rookie year, we might have seen that. Unfortunately, we had to wait until 2012 to see him play, and for the majority of the season we saw a lesser version of himself.

The good news is that despite hitting injured reserve two seasons in a row, Williams missed the second half of the 2012 season due to a shoulder injury. That means is damaged knee is well beyond 100%, and the Cardinals have reason to get excited about the investment they made two years ago.

Arizona hasn’t been quiet about their goals with Williams, either, noting that he has the complete package and that he has the skill-set to be a “three-down back”. Current starter Chris “Beanie” Wells may not like the sound of that, but due to his own inability to stay healthy, that may not matter.

Wells figures to still be the top back come 2013, but at least Arizona hasn’t given up on Williams just yet.

Fantasy Analysis

We could talk about Williams’ talent all day. He’s a very gifted, fluid runner who has an exciting mixture of size, power and speed. However, as Arians and everyone else has pointed out – dude can’t stay healthy. He’s one of the more determined players in existence, though, so you can bet he’ll be pressing hard to be better and healthier this year. That doesn’t mean he’s a lock for any real fantasy value, but it absolutely means he’s once again a sleeper that needs to be monitored all off-season.